Between The Lines Winery

Between The Lines Winery

The Wertsch brothers have combined traditional methods with modern innovation to create a unique brand of wines at Between the Lines Winery. The wines are a result of using the terroir especially Niagara’s cold climate to their advantage while growing grapes. The wines are easy and light to taste; their taste comes from the quality of the grapes and not by ageing it for a long time. For example, their red wines are barrel aged only for three months. Fermentation and finishing give the required edge to the wine. The differentiator for Between the Lines Winery is that it remains true to the fruit of the Niagara region and does not copy styles from other places.

The winery has some great wines and the most popular ones are the Lemberger and the Vidal. You can experience a variety of tasting experiences at Between the Lines. These include:

Between the Vines

This weekend tour helps you to understand the process of growing grapes through a vineyard visit. You can sample a few grapes and then head to the winery to taste the finished product.

From Grape to Glass

This guided tour includes a more private experience of the entire wine-making process. Learn about how grape juice gets transformed into high quality wines.

Shut up and Pour

Enjoy a sample tasting of three wines, satisfy your curiosity about these wines and get answers to any other questions you may have.

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Between The Lines Winery
991 Four Mile Creek Road
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