Clifton Hill

Clifton Hill

Clifton Hill is located one block from the Falls, enjoy over 35 of Niagara Falls attractions and restaurants. Clifton Hill offers an array of attractions, resort hotels, restaurants, shops and nightclubs.

Clifton Hill Haunted House

It is a good bet that if you visit one of the haunted houses on Clifton Hill you will get a good scare. Zombies, Frankenstein, Djinn, and numerous other scary creatures lurk within. Dress appropriately though - because many of the Niagara Falls Haunted House attractions are full contact fear factories.

Clifton Hill Fun Pass

Occasionally the Niagara Falls Marriott will offer a variation of the Clifton Hill Fun Pass, it is an excellent way to see the other attractions in Niagara Falls without breaking the bank.

Clifton Hill Restaurants

Fallsview Boulevard is the home of fine dining in Niagara Falls. Sometimes guests are looking for something different - cheap food. Clifton Hill restaurants offer a variety of greasy, sweet, and fast food options in Niagara Falls.


Clifton Hill
4915 Clifton Hill
Niagara Falls
43° 5' 26.9088" N, 79° 4' 24.6288" W