Colaneri Estate Winery

Colaneri Estate Winery

In the heart of a lush green vineyard at Niagara-on-the-Lake stands the Colaneri Estate Winery; this magnificent 31,000 square foot building stands tall as if overseeing the natural bounty of the land. A fountain at the centre is being planned and that will only add to the grandeur of the building. The Romanesque building that is a work in progress has a retail store selling a wide range of wines.

Classical Style

The hand-picked grapes from the vineyard are used to produce wine in various styles. In the appassimento style, grapes are allowed to ripen for a long period and before harvesting, they are thinned out on the vine for optimum quality. These grapes are placed in the greenhouse behind the winery where the water is dried from them through air circulation leaving only the juice. Later, they are processed to make wine. In the Ripasso Style, wine for another varietal is passed over the grape skins that have been kept and dried after pressing during the appassimento method. In a couple of weeks, it will have a unique flavour. Recioto Style is an original style from the Colaneri Estate Winery and is used to produce sweet recioto dessert wine that is sweeter than the usual table wines but not as sweet as an icewine.

To taste these incredible wines, visit the estate winery and head over to the tasting room and enjoy the wines. In summers, the winery serves pizza along with red, white and specialty wines.

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Colaneri Estate Winery
348 Concession 6
43° 9' 52.8228" N, 79° 4' 58.1268" W