Dinosaur Adventure Golf

Dinosaur Adventure Golf

Mini-golf has always been a popular family pastime, and a great way to get kids and adults having fun in a competitive setting. Add a full-blown dinosaur theme and you have one of Canada’s largest and most popular outdoor mini-golf attractions.

Dinosaur Adventure Golf, located under the iconic Niagara SkyWheel in Clifton Hill, has a 70 000 foot playing surface across two separate 18-hole fields – the less challenging ‘T-Rex’ course and the ‘Raptor’ course for more skilled players. As players move through the course, they’ll be constantly in the shadow of life-sized dinosaurs – some as large as 30 feet tall, such as the attention-grabbing T-Rex statue that greets visitors as they enter. There are 50 such statues throughout the park, meaning that their gaze – and the great photo opportunities they provide – is never far away. Kids will be enthralled, likely spending their time trying to name the dinosaurs as they progress through the course.

The dinosaurs ‘talk’, in a sense, too – the whole park is rigged with a digital sound system to add to the ambiance of being in a prehistoric jungle. Nature sound effects are always in the air, as well as what comes from the dinosaurs themselves.

The whole park is designed to feel like a piece of prehistory, with lush vegetation around the holes and dinosaurs in every direction. Ponds are scattered throughout the course with small rapids and bubblers – and the centrepiece of this array is the 50 foot tall volcano that looms over the rest of the park. Not only is the volcano ‘active’ – its peak regularly erupts in fire and steam – but one of the holes requires players to move through the cavernous interior of the volcano. The volcano is an impressive attraction any time of the day, but has the most presence in the evening when the eruptions light up the park.

The courses are landscaped to reward skill rather than luck, and the ‘Raptor’ course in particular may be challenging to casual players. Between the game itself and the atmosphere it takes place in, as far as themes mini-gold courses go Dinosaur Adventure Golf is one of the more impressive and entertaining venues around.'

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Dinosaur Adventure Golf
4960 Clifton Hill
Niagara Falls
43° 5' 28.7196" N, 79° 4' 31.8144" W