Escape Room

Escape Room

If you are a fan of puzzles and enjoy cracking codes, solving puzzles and other challenges, head to the Escape Room in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Located on Queen Street, the Escape Room uses a game environment in which participants are inside a locked room from which they need to escape. It is an adventure that requires thinking skills and is a mentally stimulating experience.

If you have played online games that are similar in nature, you will find this real world experience much more exciting. Games have different themes, settings, goals and puzzles but the basic concept is that you are locked in an unusual space and have to work your way out by exploring the room and cracking the puzzles within a set time frame. Trying to escape the room while racing against the clock is both thrilling and entertaining. You have to decipher codes, find hidden objects, and solve puzzles and secrets in your bid to escape. Work as a team and communicate ideas to each other as you play the games.

Escape Room Games


You are on the verge of getting your first big break on the stage but you are locked in the room. Crack the codes and puzzles that have a theatrical theme, search for hidden clues and more. You have 60 minutes to get your act together. Only if you do so can you unlock the door and find your way to the show in time.

The Bunker

In this game, you are inside a room that is an underground hideout. Along with your teammates, you have to investigate the last-known whereabouts of a woman. Solve the mystery within the room, crack the puzzles on your mission and open the final door to escape.

The Castle

In this escape adventure, you have to find your way around a series of rooms. You need to understand the patterns that will lead to the discovery of the final door. The clock’s ticking away so you have to finish your quest using your imagination and intelligence.

Appropriate for the Entire Family

Choose the game you want to book on the website with the date and time required. Once your payment is done, you are all set to go to the Escape Room. All games are appropriate for adults and children above the age of 8 depending on the game. Infants in strollers are allowed but toddlers and young children are not permitted inside the room. There is no mature content or dark and scary elements during this interactive game. Depending on the game, 3 to 10 people can participate together at a time and you can do so with your own private group. Even two people can play the game but since the minimum is 3 you have to pay for three people.

The Escape Room is a great way to exercise your grey cells and put your skills to test. It’s a highly exciting, adventure-filled interactive experience that will have you asking for more. Are you game for it?

Escape Room is currently closed

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