Exchange Brewery

Exchange Brewery

If you thought that Niagara-on-the-Lake is famous mainly for its range of spectacular wines, you are in for a surprise. The town is also witnessing a rise in the craft beer industry and The Exchange Brewery is the latest addition that promises a wonderful range of this drink.

Niagara's Newest Craft Brewery

Just like the town it is situated in, the brewery blends traditional and modern techniques to brew beer. With a 10BBL Brewhouse and 5 huge fermenters plus 8 serving vessels, the brewery produces great tasting beer using the best ingredients. These include barley, wheat, a wide range of hops, rye and yeast. Local Niagara grown produce is also used to make the beer that range from American styles to Belgian ones. The unique flavours of the Belgian-style ales are the result of ageing them in oak barrels over a period of time. The cellar at the brewery has 2 large German-made Hungarian oak Foeders and 50 French oak wine barrels.

Craft Brewery in Downtown Niagara-on-the-Lake

The Exchange Brewery has several beers on its list and each one has its own distinctive taste and flavour. In Amber Ale, you can get a deep, prominent taste of caramel, toffee and lightly roasted flavours of crystal malts from Chile. The hops used for this beer are Fuggle and Willamette. With UK malts, Chilean caramel malts and East Kent Golding hops, the Porter Ale has strong flavours. For a spicy hop flavour, try the Session IPA with its blend of Amarillo, Centennial and Saaz.

Savour the Belgian Stout’s amazing taste which is a result of brewing dark Belgian candi sugar and lots of roasted barley, fermented with Belgian yeast. Taste the modern style White IPA which is a blend of American IPA and Belgian Witbier styles using Chinook, Cascade, Mosaic and Citra hops. The spicy flavours of orange peel and coriander lend an interesting taste to this beer. The Session Saison is a Belgian-style beer that uses Vanguard and Crystal hops giving it a very nice flavour.

Craft Beer Tastings

You can taste all these and more when you visit the brewery. Drop in at the two level tasting room where you can sit down and enjoy the amazing range of beer. There are two 8-tap bars, one each on the main level as well as in the event room above it. Along with regular beer, you can also taste seasonal and specialty limited-release beers.

One of Many Niagara Craft Breweries

The Exchange is just one of many Craft Breweries located in the Niagara Region. Our on-site tour company, Magnificent Tours of Niagara, frequently runs a **Craft Beer Tour that includes tastings at some of Niagara's premier craft breweries, including:

Our hotel also stocks many of these Craft Beers in our Lobby Lounge. For more information on our hotel visit our homepage at:


Exchange Brewery
7 Queen St
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