Fallsview Indoor Waterpark

Fallsview Indoor Waterpark

The Fallsview Indoor Waterpark – at three acres big, it’s touted as the largest indoor waterpark and resort in North America.

Situated along Falls Avenue in the Clifton Hill district of Niagara Falls, the Indoor Waterpark is connected to the Falls Avenue Resort - Indoor Waterpark and Shopping.

Beach House and Buckets

Inside, the Fallsview Waterpark has everything a kid or kid-at-heart could ask for in a wet and wild park. From beachside recreations for relaxation to elaborate ‘beach house’ playing areas for eight slides and buckets of water tipped onto the unwary from above, the waterpark caters for both children and parents at once.

Slides and Rides

Of course, the smaller slides at the beach house are only a warm-up for the larger waterslides that dominate the park’s interior. The Toob Tower slides spin and curls down winding tracks, but anyone looking for more of a thrill to their tight bends can try the Canadian Plunge – a spiraling open slide that twirls riders straight into the splashdown pool.

Of course, these rides may not be fast enough for some thrill-seekers, and the racing slides are there for speed and competition. Whether wanting to race a friend or just streak through the fastest slides in the park, anyone can grab a mat and ride across the park.

Away from the slides and playgrounds, the pools offer a more communal environment. The ‘Tidal Wave’ adds waves to the social playground – it’s a full-size indoor wave pool unmatched anywhere else is Niagara. Of course, there’s an outdoor and wave-free pool for anyone wanting calmer waters – or for total relaxation, there are even hot springs, with whirlpool tubs for the grown-ups while the kids keep having a blast.

Top Ranked Niagara Falls Waterpark

The waterpark is a consistent favourite of visitors to Niagara Falls. Trip Advisor users have voted it as a Travellers’ Choice for two years running. It’s an ideal spot for a family-friendly day out and provides a fun experience that’s hard to beat.


Fallsview Indoor Waterpark
5685 Falls Avenue
Niagara Falls
43° 5' 31.848" N, 79° 4' 17.5188" W