Goat Island State Park Niagara Falls

Goat Island State Park Niagara Falls

As the true gateway to Niagara Falls, Goat Island State Park is not only beautiful, it is an integral part of any vacation to the American Side of Niagara Falls. It provides great views of the falls, houses a number of activities, as well as sight-seeing locations that offer view and experiences unlike those found anywhere else.

Goat Island State Park Niagara Falls Facts

Rich with history and beautiful scenery, the park gets its name from a herd of goats that once inhabited the island. Once the cultural and historical significance of Niagara Falls were recognized, it became evident that Goat Island would be an optimal viewing location. The Tuscarora tribe, which lived here and sold their wares to those who visited the falls, reached a settlement with politicians in New York State, opening the land to the general public.

See the Falls

Goat Island offers one of the best viewing locations for Niagara Falls, specifically the American Falls. The viewing location is close enough to see and hear the rush of the water, but without getting completely drenched in the process.

Walking out to Terrapin Point along one of the wooded foot trails, visitors will feel as though they are the first explorers to catch a glimpse of the falls through the trees. This vantage point provides an true experience of the falls, witnessed in full force. Without any housing buildings or residents, Goat Island State Park has been largely untouched and aside from the footpaths due to the states park protection act and minimal infrastructure.

Why Visit Goat Island State Park?

Goat Island is one of the most popular viewing locations for the falls. While it is fun to walk across the bridge and be splashed by the power of the water rushing over the ledge, standing off to the side really is one of the best ways to truly see and experience the sheer size and power of Niagara Falls. On this island, you have an up close and personal view of the falls as it cascades along its side and tumbling into the water below. You are directly in the waterway and almost as close to the falls as you can get.

The Island is also home to a number of attractions, including the aforementioned Terrapin Point, the Bridal Veil Falls, Top of the Falls restaurant, Nikola Tesla Memorial, and the Cave of the Winds experience.

Once you are finished admiring the beauty of the falls, you can find the statue of the famous inventor Nikola Tesla, which stands sentinel on this island, as a monument to his discoveries and inventions.

Goat Island State Park Niagara Falls is accessible by road, and car. There are multiple parking lots on site and in adjacent lots near the attraction.

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Goat Island State Park Niagara Falls Niagara Falls
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