Kingsbridge Park

Kingsbridge Park

The town of Niagara Falls is not short on parkland. Kingsbridge Park is a lesser known park than options like Queen Victoria Park, but it has its perks.

You’ll find Kingsbridge on the southern side of Niagara Falls, a little further up the riverbank from the Dufferin Islands. It’s still relatively close to the town itself and sits on the Welland River’s connection to Niagara River – effectively a mini-peninsula. The park is named for the bridge that spans the tributary. Parking is available to visitors, but note that there’s a flat fee on weekends.

Great Picnic Pavilion

More spacious than some of the surrounding parks, Kingsbridge has a picnic pavilion capable of seating up to 320 people. Amenities like washrooms are on-site and kept well-maintained. Similar to nearby Dufferin Park, fishing is permitted along the riverbank as well, and may provide a challenge with Niagara River’s robust current.

Swimming Area

The park also has a designated swimming area with Chippaway Creek. Most riverside parks prohibit swimming due to factors like dangerously strong currents – this creek does still have a current, but it’s safe for anyone comfortable in the water. For kids, an option is provided with a designated water play area. There’s also a separate play centre for young children.

Niagara River Recreational Trail

Kingsbridge Park is worth keeping in mind for a relaxing day out or a stopover in between other activities, a place to unwind in the spare time from one place to the next. Check out some of the local activities as well – for nature enthusiasts the floral showhouse isn’t far away, and the park makes a good waypoint for the Niagara River Recreational Trail if you’re hiking or biking along the iconic route. and up the Welland River thrill-seekers will find FlyBoard Niagara for some altitude over the water.

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Kingsbridge Park
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