Niagara Go-Karts

Niagara Go-Karts

Go-karting taps into the same love of competition and adrenaline that has made motor racing one of the world’s most popular sports for decades. It’s always provided an opportunity for anyone to feel like a Formula One racer for a day at Niagara Go-Kart.

Niagara's Original Go-Kart Track

Niagara Go-Karts is located on Kingsmen Court, just off Queen Elizabeth Way on Niagara Falls’ south-west corner. It’s designed to be a fun destination for the whole family – there’s even a mini-golf course onsite to provide something to do for any family members unable or unwilling to hop behind the wheel of a go-kart, with a jungle theme that also adds to the trackside decor.

With a garage of more than 40 racing go-karts, all equipped with roll bars, seatbelts and bumper cages – both speed and safety are assured. The ‘Formula One’ karts are 13-horsepower and designed for quick acceleration combined with tight handling.

The F1 karts have an age and height requirement (minimum 14 years old and 5 feet tall). But even little kids have a way of getting on the road, with two-seater karts on offer. Kids as young as 10 can drive these karts and any passenger is fine as long as they’re at least 3 feet tall for safety purposes.

Outdoor Niagara Go-Karting

The track is outdoor, well-maintained and wide enough to permit overtakes – it provides a modest challenge with some twists and banked turns to keep the race exciting. Employees constantly patrol the track to help out anyone who gets stuck on the tyre-borders or needs assistance.

The Niagara Go-Karts track is open throughout the year, noon till dusk most days and extended hours in June for the summer days.

The only drawback is that the open environment means that poor weather may dampen the experience, so check forecasts first. But the go-karting itself is a popular local attraction and a great way for the whole family to indulge in a little competitive fun for young and old racing enthusiasts.

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Niagara Go-Karts
7104 Kinsmen Court
Niagara Falls
43° 4' 20.2692" N, 79° 7' 21.756" W