Niagara Helicopters

Niagara Helicopters

Is a helicopter ride on your wish list? If yes, a ride on Niagara Helicopters, providing a unique perspective of Niagara Falls, is highly recommended. You get to experience two thrilling things at one go–the spectacular falls and an exciting aerial trip. Located in on the Canadian side of the border, the helicopter ride is Niagara’s only year-round aerial attraction.

Take Flight

Operational since 1961, Niagara Helicopters has a fleet of four Bell 407 helicopters that seat 7 people each including the pilot. Climb on board, get your camera ready and feel your spirit soar as the helicopter takes off for an adventure in the sky. The windows of the helicopter are large enabling better views and great photography. Headsets are available with taped commentary of the places that you will see on the tour. The commentary is offered in 12 languages including English, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Russian.

Perspective like no other

Once you are airborne, the striking landscape of Niagara starts to appear below. At first, the helicopter passes over the Sir Adam Beck Generating Plant and the Niagara Parks Commission School of Horticulture. Soon, it starts gliding over the Niagara River near the Whirlpool Rapids and the Rainbow Bridge. The sight of the river rapids below is truly amazing–you can spot the Aero Cable Car that is used for the sightseeing tour of the whirlpool. After a few minutes, the Queen Victoria Park, the Skylon Tower and the impressive American Falls come into sight, its waters gushing down into the river. The helicopter then makes its way to the highlight of the trip–the Horseshoe Falls. Within no time, the helicopter hovers over the magnificent falls tracing its curve. The view is mesmerising as you watch the huge volumes of water thundering down sending mist into the air. Look out for rainbows as they frequently appear over the landscape in all their glory. Soon, it’s time to return and the helicopter traces the same route back to base.

Niagara Helicopters operates from a 2500 square foot facility which houses the ticket sales and information desk. A gift shop, a gourmet café, an indoor lounge serving Niagara wines and beer, flat panel TVs and wireless internet are some of the facilities available here. The helicopter tour is one of the safest in Niagara with experienced pilots and well-maintained helicopters. Weather permitting, this tour is available around the year, all days of the week from 9 in the morning till sunset. Niagara Helicopters also undertakes specialty tours including wine tours and wedding tours. Couples have chosen to exchange wedding vows on board the helicopter above the Niagara Falls. There are a few other tours as well including pick up and drop off services.

A Niagara Helicopters’ ride over the falls is an unforgettable experience and an absolute must-do when you are in the Niagara region.

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Niagara Helicopters
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