Niagara's Fury

Niagara's Fury

The Niagara Falls are a massive and awe-inspiring geological display – one that took tens of thousands of years, stretching back to the Ice Age, to develop into what is seen and admired by locals and countless tourists.

Niagara's Fury 4D Experience

In a recreation of the formation of the falls, Niagara Parks has developed an interactive experience at the Table Rock Welcome Centre, right alongside the Horseshoe Falls, called ‘Niagara’s Fury: The Creation of the Falls’. Touted as a 4D experience, this attraction is an entertaining and educational show reminiscent of a Universal Studios ride. It mixes animation, computer-generated imagery and sweeping shots of the falls with a truly panoramic theatre setting far more exciting than the standard bums-in-seats affair.

The pre-show is a child-friendly animation using cartoon characters to explain the development of the waterfalls during the Ice Age, before the multi-sensory main event. This is in a 360 degree theatre – guests gather on a central platform that sits above flowing water, surrounded by a continuous screen. According to the event information, the technology implemented in developing the footage and the associated images was previously used on satellites and high-tech medical imagery.

Niagara's Fury Video Show

As with most Niagara attractions, guests can expect to get wet, as the sensory experience of ‘Niagara’s Fury’ doesn’t stop with the visual and auditory splendour. The temperature in the 4D room drops up to 20 degrees as the film begins, diving right into the Ice Age events of Niagara’s natural evolution. The central platform moves and tilts around as the panoramic feature plays; and the audience (clad in complimentary ponchos by this point) will experience snow and rain while they witness a re-enactment of the development of Niagara Falls.

The presentation is a great way to experience a small share of the large-scale natural forces that went into creating Niagara Gorge and the iconic waterfalls. Being at the Welcome Centre, and included in several tourist passes and packages, it’s a central tourist attraction and a ride worth going on for anyone interested in witnessing a small piece of the history of Niagara in the most engaging way possible.

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Niagara's Fury
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