Ripley's Museum Niagara Falls

Ripley's Museum Niagara Falls

Shocking and amazing families for years, Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum houses an impressive collection of unbelievable artifacts from around the world. Spend a day browsing through and interacting with over 700 exhibits, oddities, curiosities, and illusions at Ripley's Believe It or Not in Niagara Falls.

It’s hard to miss the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Museum in Niagara – the façade is of a toppled building with King Kong triumphantly perched on top. And it only gets stranger inside the appropriately-named museum – the Odditorium.


Ripley’s is an international name in oddities and bizarre interactive exhibits. The Ripley’s brand is one of celebrating the strangest facts and strange items it can find, providing a blend of voyeuristic fascination and educational content.

Kids love the weird exhibits and parents can learn a few things as well.

The Odditorium has hundreds of exhibits and items on display across thirteen galleries – a blend of anatomical curiosities (two-headed animals, lizard men and so on), weird stories and slightly-true tales, and knick-knacks from around the globe. Models of the world’s tallest man for kids to compare themselves to; rare exotica including valuable eggs and relics; and even authentic shrunken heads are on display. This is all combined with holograms, shadow walls and more mysterious elements such as the Vortex Tunnel and the Mystery Gate.

Many of the exhibits and rooms are fully interactive and there’s no need to rush through the galleries, so families can take their time to soak up the strangeness on display. There’s information about the Falls themselves and some facts about the geography and the history of the daredevils that braved the plunge over the falls, which is also worth a look.

Wax Hands Niagara Falls at Ripley's

Visit Ripley's Wax Hands for the most interactive and unique souvenir available in Niagara Falls! Dip your hand (either by yourself, or holding hands with a loved-one) into wax with the help of one of our talented Wax Artists, and create a mould of your hand. Ripley's Wax Zone offers you many fun and different options to personalize your hand and make it the perfect souvenir or gift.

4D Moving Theatre

But the Odditorium and Wax Hands are not the only entertainment available at Ripley’s. As a side attraction there is a ‘4D’ moving theatre with adventure films – the seats themselves buck and weave along with the action for an adrenaline-pumping ride. Ripley’s also has a penchant for waxworks, and on-site kids can make wax souvenirs of their visit.

As a full-family source of fun and educational entertainment, Ripley’s is a wholly unique experience. It celebrates a flamboyant love of the bizarre and thrives on showing visitors something they’re never seen before – which makes for the best kind of museum.

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Ripley's Museum Niagara Falls
4960 Clifton Hill
Niagara Falls
43° 5' 29.2812" N, 79° 4' 31.6884" W