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The B-52's

The B-52's

The B-52's are one of the most recognizable, still performing, new wave bands in the world. Formed in Athens, Georgia (home of fellow rockers R.E.M.), the B-52's formed in 1976. The group consists of five people including Fred Schneider on vocals, percussion and keyboards, Kate Pierson on keyboards, organ, vocals and bass, Cindy Wilson on tambourine, bongos and vocals, Ricky Wilson on guitar and bass and Keith Strickland on drums, guitar, keyboards, synthetisizers and various other instruments.

The B-52's Bio

The B-52's are unique, and truly a transcend band, a term that is throw about far too often these days. From the past to present, the B-52's entertain with a unique style of music that is not defined only as new wave, but also as post-punk, pop rock, alternative and rockabilly. Inspired by the 1960s rock and roll, they were formed in the 70s after an aircraft holding the same name.

Rock Lobster

"Rock Lobster" was the first single of B-52's that was sold over 2000 times and released in 1978 in New York City. It was remade afterwards with various verses and was the track that managed to land the B-52's their first debut studio album - after which came the follow-up named Wild Planet.

The second album of B-52 has reached number eighteen on the Billboard charts in 1980 with the track "Private Idaho" becoming their second Hot 100 entry. The third album release for B 52 was an album that took six tracks from the previous two LPs and presented them in extended forms.

Love Shack & Mainstream Success

The collaborations with David Byrne and many other stars led to the mainstream success for B-52 and the hits including "Love Shack" known as one of the 80s anthems and the albums Cosmic Thing in 1989 and Good Stuff in 1992 were the ones that translated the abilities of this band to form a new rock and roll religion.

We know B-52 as one of the very few bands with a unique take on music, one of the very few to collaborate with names such as David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Duran Duran and David Byrne. But most importantly, we know them as a sign of the great music in the 80s.

The B-52's Coming to Niagara Falls

The B-52's will be coming to Niagara Falls for one night only, Saturday April 23rd at 9pm at the Fallsview Casino's Avalon Theatre. For more information call: 1-888-501-8916


Fallsview Casino
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