Canadian Greenhouse Conference

Canadian Greenhouse Conference

The Canadian Greenhouse Conference is Canada's Marketplace for Grower Technology.

The annual Canadian Greenhouse Conference (CGC) began in 1979 with the purpose of:
- Organizing a speaker program for greenhouse growers on the latest in practical crop production and marketing information. Speakers are brought from all over the world to talk about the latest in research and technology. Also growers take part in the program sharing their own experiences.
- Giving growers and greenhouse suppliers a forum to network through our tradeshow.
- Providing a high quality, competitively priced conference that gives good value to conference attendees and exhibitors.
- Fund research and extension education within Canada, through the Cecil Delworth Foundation to improve the Canadian greenhouse industry. To date, the CGC has donated over $678,000.

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Scotiabank Convention Centre
6815 Stanley Avenue
Niagara Falls