Dancing Like the Pros in Niagara Falls

Dancing Like the Pros in Niagara Falls

Do you want to learn how to dance like the pros? Let the most exclusive show 'Dancing Pros' show you what dancing looks like from the perspective of the world's most finest dancers. With an amazing audience, top-notch dance moves and skills you haven't ever seen before, this live competition show blends the art of dance with the rivalry and competition - resulting with the best pair that graciously moves on the dance floor in a breathtaking way.

Dancing Pros Live is a reality TV show taking place live in front of your eyes.

Alan Thicke Hosts

This season, let Alan Thicke and Cheryl Burke guide you in the most exclusive dancing competition show on TV. There are many dance champions in the world who have gained reputation as ultimate leaders. On Dancing Pros, you can see them unite and dance off against each other in order to win big prizes.

And the best thing?

Audience Participation

It's up to you to decide who the winner is going to be! With remotes at every seat, Dancing Pros lets the audience pick the winner - by the level of astonishment, positive emotions and style they see live in front of their eyes.

Which couple will win?

Would Anna and Paul win over your heart with their dancing moves? Or will it maybe be the couple Alexandar and Arina? Want to see Ryan and Regina dancing together? Chelsie and Dimitry, or Tal and Ilana? You may see them as only names at this point, but what they all represent are national dancing finalists and award-winning dancers.

See the best of dancing on Dancing Pros this season!

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