Dolly Parton at Artpark

Dolly Parton at Artpark

Dolly Parton is a simply put an icon. Born in January of, 1946, she is one of the most rounded entertainers and entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry is one of the most rounded persons in the music industry. Her interests are not solely on the music field; they spread across the business world, humanitarianism, acting and even writing.

Dolly Parton's Beginnings

Parton was born and raised in America to Robert and Avie Lee Parton. She was born to this poor family in Tenesse's Sevier County, the forth of twelve children; and raised in Locust Ridge. Her father did construction work, here and there, and a bit of farming to fend for his family. Her songs Coat of Many Colors and In The Good Old Days are a depiction of her difficult upbringing.

She made her first musical performance at age six in the Church of God, whose pastor was Jake Robert Owens, her grandfather. Music had a great portion in her life. Only at seven, she started playing the guitar and by the age of ten, she had expanded her audience to radio and television programs within her locality.

Musical Career

Dolly Parton was an early bloomer in the music industry, and has generally had great points in her career all along. For this, she has received numerous awards over the years of producing great hits. Her popularity gained grounds in 1967 on her performances in Porter Wagoner's syndicated TV programs. Several successful albums were released before her partnership with singer Wagoner ended in 1974.

After this partnership, through the mid 80's, Dolly ventured into pop-country before returning to classic-country in the late 90's. Her greatest hits in the 80's were 9-5 of her solo album, and Islands in the Stream, a duet with Kenny Rogers.

Her career was only revitalized again in 1987 after her album with Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt was released. The album was called Trio which flew off the shelves; several millions were sold. She had a collabo with Harris Ronstadt producing Trio 2 which was released in 1999, the same year in which she got inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame and won a Grammy Award. She won another Grammy Award in 1999 for the grass is blue.

Her duet with Kenny Rogers, You Can’t Make Old Friends, got them nominated for the Grammy Awards of 2014. They were branded ‘best country duo’. She was nominated for Academy Award for Travelin Thru and took first position in the US chart in 2005 for her honorary performance of the ballad When I Get Where I'm Goin'. She was the chief guest of contestants of American Idol in 2002 and 2008, a show whose theme was Dolly Parton Songs, after which she performed to the audience receiving a standing ovation.

Going strong at 70+

Like many other singers, Parton is still focusing her energy on song production. Even at 70, when other people her age packed their belongings from office and dumped them at home, dolly is passionate and strong enough to tour the world to perform. Just this year in 7th March, she announced in Nashville that she plans to visit 60 cities in the US and Canada on her 2016 tour. The tour is scheduled as a way for her to support, get this, her new album.

She has steadily recorded songs from mid 90's to date. Blue Smoke was released only in 2014 in January and was a great hit.

Coming to Artpark

Dolly Parton is the greatest female country singer. She promises great recording in the years to come. She'll be performing at Artpark on June 12th, 2016. This outdoor venue is located just a stone's throw over the US/Canadian border in Lewiston, NY, roughly a 5 minute drive from our hotel.

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