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Don Felder in Niagara Falls

Don Felder in Niagara Falls

As the lead guitarist and co-writer for the legendary rock band The Eagles, Don Felder carved out an important place for himself in the history of rock and roll. When he comes to Fallsview Casino for three shows on August 3rd, August 4th, and August 5th, you can be sure he will bring all of his contributions to rock history to the stage.

But this is far from a nostalgia show. Felder has established a formidable reputation as a solo artist, ever since he parted ways with The Eagles in 2001. While Felder will definitely play all the songs he worked on during his time with The Eagles, you can definitely expect a few surprises in each of his three upcoming shows.

Don Felder at the Fallsview Casino

Felder himself will tell you that when he saw Elvis Presley on The Ed Sullivan Show, everything for him changed. After acquiring his first guitar at a young age, Felder taught himself to play. He then eventually moved into a career in music, playing with several groups. It wasn’t until 1974 that Felder became a member of a group that would dominate the charts for the next several decades. Of course, that band was The Eagles.

Felder’s contributions to the group are well known. Those contributions began when the group invited him to play slide guitar on their track “Good Day in Hell.” The band almost immediately offered him a position after that. Over the next several decades, Felder would contribute not only blistering guitar chords to some of the biggest hits in rock and roll history, he would also help to pen some of the group’s most famous songs. As the band moved from country rock to a more pure form of the genre, Felder helped the group achieve the sound they were striving for.

“An Evening at the Hotel California” will be a unique event, in which Felder’s contributions to both music and The Eagles will be made abundantly clear. The co-writer of such songs as “Hotel California”, will bring all of those hits to the stage at Fallsview Casino. Just keep in mind that with a performer as versatile and creative as Don Felder, you’re going to get more than just the hits. Felder spent decades putting on rock and roll extravaganzas as a former member of The Eagles. He has certainly not forgotten how to do this as a solo performer.

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