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Gin Blossoms

The Gin Blossoms music catalog has aged extremely well. They will be performing iconic classic hits, as well as new material during an upcoming April 2017 Niagara Falls Concert at the Fallsview Casino.

Gin Blossoms, for their first few years, were stars in their home turf of Arizona but went relatively unnoticed by critics and the general public outside local circles. Their first album, 1989’s Dusted, is more fondly remembered now for its original renditions of the band’s most distinguished songs but attracted little buzz on release. Even 1992’s New Miserable Experience had a slow start, but word of mouth, extensive touring and great songwriting pushed the band into the mainstream. It was almost a year after the latter album’s release that its singles started climbing up the charts. Suddenly, Gin Blossoms were all over the radio and MTV from 1993 onwards.

Gin Blossoms in Niagara Falls

Nowadays, songs like ‘Hey Jealousy’ and ‘Found Out About You’ are not only recognised as chart-topping hits in their own right but have come to be considered iconic songs of the early 90s alternative rock scene in the United States.

New Miserable Experience became a breakthrough compilation for Gin Blossoms, and in the following years, they would release more stand-alone singles and a follow-up album, 1996’s Congratulations I’m Sorry. Almost regardless of their continued output, they were becoming media darlings, both accessible but informed by post-grunge grittiness. Gin Blossoms regularly played late night talk shows like The Late Show with David Letterman and made film cameos with quick-fire performances, including a spot in Wayne’s World 2.

Gin Blossoms Live

After this golden run came to the band break-up in 1997, ending their 90s dominance early as the band members pursued other projects – but Gin Blossoms would reunite in 2002 and has been a single unit again ever since. The 21st-century Blossoms have mostly focused on new compilations and live performances, but have found the time to release two more albums – 2006’s Major Lodge Victory and 2010’s No Chocolate Cake – both with charting singles.

One constant with Gin Blossoms right from their beginning years has been their extensive touring schedules – this hasn’t changed in recent years, with regular live performance schedules including flagship circuits like the Summerland Tour. In 2017, there torus will bring Gin Blossoms to Niagara Falls. For one night only, on Saturday 1 April, they’ll be performing at the Fallsview Casino Resort’s Ballroom Theatre in Niagara Falls.

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