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Jim Cuddy Band

Jim Cuddy Band

Born on December 2nd, 1955, Jim Cuddy is an outstanding singer-songwriter in his native Canada. Although primarily associated with the band called Blue Rodeo, Jim has managed to carve out his own identity thanks to his exceptional songwriting ability. Over the years, Jim and Blue Rodeo have managed to become quite famous in Canada and have expanded their reach to the rest of the world. The Jim Cuddy Band will be coming to the Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

Jim Cuddy Musical History

Ever since high school, Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor have been musicians and friends, attending North Toronto Collegiate Institute as well. However, even though both of them shared an interest in music together, it was not until after they graduated did the idea of forming a band arise. At first, they were known as the Hi-Fi’s, a band that featured Malcolm Schell on bass and Jim Sublett on drums.

In 1980, the Hi-Fi’s released the single “I Don’t Know Why (You Love Me)” and the B-side, “Look What You’ve Done”. The single went nowhere and when they failed to get a record deal in Toronto, they set out for New York to find success. However, that proved to be a dead-end as well with no record deal to show for their troubles. The only bright spot was the addition of Bob Wiseman to the band as keyboardist.

Blue Rodeo Raise to Fame

The band moved back to Toronto under the name Blue Rodeo and replaced Schell and Sublett with Cleave Anderson and Basil Donovan respectively. By 1985, the band had played its first gig under its new name and went on to become one of the biggest of all Canadian contemporary bands. To date, Blue Rodeo has sold well over three million albums and has garnered numerous Canadian awards for their musical achievements. They have also toured with many major bands, including The Eagles on their final tour in 2013.

Despite numerous drum, keyboard and steel guitar lineup changes, Blue Rodeo managed to produce its 13th album in 2013, “In Our Nature”. the last studio release occurred in 2014 with a Christmas-themed album which garnered considerable praise. Since then, Blue Rodeo has continued to tour on and off while allowing their members to release solo works and in the case of Jim Cuddy form his own separate band for his material.

Jim Cuddy Recent Timeline

On April 1st, 2012 Blue Rodeo was inducted in the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and today they are still touring, selling records, and making new music. Jim Cuddy has during this time released a few of his own albums. The work that Jim has done separately from Blue Rodeo has allowed him to explore new frontiers with his music.

When not touring or working with Blue Rodeo, Jim Cuddy has put together his own band which is currently on tour. Working outside the confines of Blue Rodeo has allowed Jim to express his own personal vision for the music he loves as well as provide a platform that exposes new audiences to his talents. While Blue Rodeo will no doubt still be a big part of Jim Cuddy’s life, the Jim Cuddy Band will also go forward as well.

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