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Joel McHale

Joel McHale

Although Joel McHale is known primarily for his work on television and in film, it’s important to remember that McHale began his professional career as a standup comedian. His keen powers of observation, combined with his ability to break down the surreal into understandable terms, makes him one of the best comics working today. You can see that for yourself by checking out his work on TV shows like The Soup or Community. You can also check it out by hitting up one of his standup shows.

Joel McHale Standup

The beginning of Joel McHale’s career can be traced back to the early `1990s. He began his career by working with the Seattle-based improv group known as Almost Live! The group performed together on a consistent basis between the years 1993 and 1997. It was also during this time period that McHale worked with the improvisational comedy team at Unexpected Productions.

After obtaining a master’s degree in acting, McHale made the move to L.A. to secure bigger, higher-profile gigs. He quickly began to amass a resume that included numerous small, but memorable roles across a wide array of television shows. These shows included Diagnosis: Murder, CSI: Miami, and Will & Grace. He also drew positive attention for his performance in the film Lords of Dogtown. It was also during this point that McHale logged appearances on shows like Thank God You’re Here and Pushing Daisies. He even found time to make an appearance in Spiderman 2, which was one of the biggest box-office hits of the year.

The Soup

All of the above accomplishments are notable, but it was landing the hosting responsibilities for the TV show The Soup that truly launched McHale’s career. The show quickly became a hit, making full use of McHale’s ability to find the humorous in even the strangest of news stories. If you want to know what Joel McHale standup is going to be like, watch a few classic episodes of The Soup.

Beyond The Soup, McHale is certainly well known for the TV series Community. The show has amassed a significant cult following over the course of its six seasons. Fans of the show have recently been able to welcome the series back with open arms, after it bounced back from being cancelled on network TV with a season 6 debut on Yahoo.

Who knows what McHale has lined up next? It certainly isn’t going to be dull. His 2015 tour continues.

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