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John Kay & Steppenwolf

John Kay & Steppenwolf

John Kay and Steppenwolf will be headlining concerts at the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls in June 2015. John Kay is a rock singer, songwriter and lead guitarist that achieved music success on his own, but became a rock legend with the formation of the rock band Steppenwolf. John Kay has been relevant in the world of rock music for more than 3 decades and shows no signs of slowing down. Steppenwolf might have been most prominent in the early 1970’s, but Jon Kay and Steppenwolf still tour the world playing their classic rock hits.

Diverse Musical Stylings of John Kay and Steppenwolf

John Kay and Steppenwolf weren’t always a rock and roll legends. They actually got their start as a blues rock and folk band known as the Sparrows in 1965. However, in 1967 they switched up their sound a little bit and changed their name to Steppenwolf. Their sound became much more rock influenced and would even be considered heavy metal. This was a big change from the bluesy and folk sound that they had in the past. By changing up their sound, John Kay and Steppenwolf started to gain fame and racked up the hits.

Pioneers of Heavy Metal

They were actually one of the first bands of their kind. John Kay and Steppenwolf are credited by many for pioneering the heavy metal sound that is still popular to this day. With their new heavy metal sound they actually gained worldwide fame and recognition for hits including "Born to Be Wild", "Magic Carpet Ride", "Monster", "The Pusher", and "Rock Me". "Born to Be Wild" and "The Pusher" were even featured in the popular film Easy Rider and became huge hits that still get rotation today on classic rock stations.

Kay Maintained Solo Career

Even though Kay is the lead vocalist and founder of Steppenwolf, his solo career has never wavered. Kay still recorded as a solo artist even in Steppenwolf’s heyday. Kay has been touring for almost 50 years and shows no real signs of slowing down. The founding member of Steppenwolf might not be intact, but with Key leading the way the unique heavy metal sound powers on.

Records Sold

John Kay and Steppenwolf have sold well over 30 million records and have released 8 gold albums. With a large collection of hits to choose from, they entertain audiences all over the world.

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