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Legends In Concert - Niagara Falls

Legends In Concert - Niagara Falls

When you think of names like Celine Dion, Tina Turner, The Blues Brothers, Neil Diamond, and Roy Orbison, what is the first word that comes to mind: Most likely, legend is right at the tip of your tongue. There are dozens of words that can be used to describe these artists. You can call them trendsetters, icons, game-changers, hall-of-famers, or whatever else you like. Call them the best.

Thanks to the Legends in Concert series, you can see all of these inimitable artists in a single location. All of these names will be in one place at Fallsview Casino from October 2nd to October 10th.

Best Cover Artists Around

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then the impersonators who make up the group for Legends in Concert is truly something else. These are entertainers who not only have the works, movements, and tones of their respective artists nailed down, but they also clearly love what they are doing. These impersonators love the artists that they are impersonating. This is one of the reasons why even those who have seen Tina Turner or Roy Orbinson in concert are raving. Each individual performer represents the finest impersonator in the world for their specific artist. Bring all of them together for one incredible show, and you clearly have the makings of a night that no one will ever forget.

Spanning Decades of Classic Hits & Performers

The history of music is certainly well-expressed in this series. This is several decades’ worth of musical evolution in action. No one is going to confuse Neil Diamond with The Blues Brothers, in terms of musical style. However, these names are linked together by the history of the power of performance, and by the history of popular music itself. The combined force of all these names is something that truly showcases the versatility and historical significance of music.

The combined hit-making qualities of all these artists is something that should be noted, as well. Roy Orbison wrote numerous hits during a storied career that helped to build rock and roll as we know it, including “Pretty Woman” and “Only the Lonely.” The Blues Brothers started out as a “Saturday Night Live” act, and wound up cutting their own cultural legacy with songs like “Soul Man.” And all of us remember when Celine Dion recorded a certain love song for the film “Titanic.”

The list of hits goes on. Every hit from all of these artists will make up Legends in Concert.

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