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The Lettermen

The Lettermen

The Lettermen were a very popular musical vocal group from the 50’s and 60’s. They were most known for their melodies.

Lettermen Band History

The Lettermen originally formed back in 1950 and had three original members. These three members auditioned to be a part of the Jimmy Durante TV Show. They had a part on the show of impersonating the Rhythm Boys. The Rhythm Boys were a popular vocal group from the 1920’s and The Lettermen got their start in the industry by impersonating and copying their style. However, The Lettermen were not satisfied with simply impersonating another vocal group. This led to the replacement of two of the original members. With replacements in tow, the vocal group signed a recording deal with Warner Bros.

Lettermen rise to fame

The beginning of the music career for The Lettermen was not always easy. They had struggles early on. Their first album did not do very well and none of their singles were hits. This led them to be dropped by Warner Bros. and they then signed another record deal with Capitol Records. It was under Capitol records that they finally found success and gained fame. Their first album with their new record label released in 1961 did very well. They had three hits off the album and finally started to gain a fan base. This even led them to begin touring. Some of their most notable hits include:

  • The Way You Look Tonight
  • When I Fall in Love
  • Hurt So Bad and Love.

They had a number of top 40 hits throughout the 1960’s.

Lettermen Niagara Falls Concert

Many vocalists groups are lucky to have a few hit songs, but The Lettermen had 11 Gold Records and received 5 Grammy nominations and continued regular touring through 2007. It’s a rare treat to see them perform in the year 2016.

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