Classic rock band Lighthouse is coming to Niagara Falls for a hit filled concert on September 25th, 2015.

Lighthouse, songs 'Feel So Good,' 'The Chant' and 'If There Ever was a Time' all saw strong success in Canada during Lighthouse's tenue under RCA.

The Best of Lighthouse

During Lighthouse's successful period in 1970 and 1971, RCA released a greatest hits album, One Fine Light, featuring tracks from the first three Lighthouse records under RCA.

By 1972, the band recorded a live album, titled Lighthouse Live!, at Carnegie Hall. The album eventually went platinum, the first time a Canadian album qualified for the special status. Lighthouse released their next album, Sunny Days, later in the year, achieving gold status again with that effort.

With Bob McBride's departure by the recording of 1973's Can You Feel It, the band switched lead vocal duties to members Skip Prokop and Ralph Cole. Can You Feel It produced the hit single, 'Pretty Lady.' Their following album, Good Day, was recorded with the same configuration, but didn't produce any chart topping hits.

By 1976, Lighthouse disbanded. Years later, the band reunited in 1992, putting together a ten member lineup that had featured founding members Cole, Hoffert and Prokop, along with McBride on vocals. McBride was eventually dismissed months later; by 1998, he passed away from heart failure as a result of health complications.

Since 1992, Lighthouse remained together. They released one more studio album in 1996, titled Song of the Ages. To this day, the band continues to tour across Canada and other parts of the world, although with a different band line-up.

Still Rockin'

Lighthouse was one of, if not the biggest, Toronto area rock band of the 1970's. A number of original band members are still active. This is a can't miss show, taking place at the Scotiabank Convention Centre, located only 2 minutes from the Marriott Fallsview Hotel & Spa.

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Scotiabank Convention Centre
6815 Stanley Ave.
Niagara Falls