Original Stars From American Bandstand

Original Stars From American Bandstand

American Bandstand changed music forever. When Dick Clark passed away a couple of years ago, people knew him largely from his star-studded Times Square New Year’s Eve parties. However, music fans know better. Music fans know that it was Dick Clark who brought American Bandstand into the homes of Americans during the golden age of television. The show also went on the road, and it made superstars of artists such as Fabian, Bobby Vee, and the Chiffons. There is no question that these artists are responsible for helping to change the face of music forever.

Coming to Niagara Falls this October

If you have ever wanted to experience this essential component of musical history in all its electric vibrancy, the Original Stars American Bandstand tour can help. Some of the most important figures in the history of American Bandstand are alive and well, and they are performing with the energy and power of their youth. All of the stars that make up the Original Stars American Bandstand show are coming to Fallsview Casino for shows between October 26th and October 30th.

Original Stars American Bandstand At Fallsview Casino

When you look at the pedigree of the stars who make up American Bandstand, it’s hard not to be impressed. Not only did this music influence a generation, and help in its own way to create the singular history of rock and roll, but it was wildly successful on every imaginable front, as well. We’re talking about sixteen gold records, forty-one Top 40 hits, and an astonishing seventy-five chart hits, as well. These are songs that continue to be part of the public consciousness.

Classic Stars

The show itself features Fabian, Bobby Vee, The Chiffons, Bobby Hyland, and Chris Montez. All of these figures are forever linked with the American Bandstand concept. However, each artist was a trendsetter in their own right. You can expect to hear such essential classics to the history of modern popular music as “One Fine Day”, “He’s So Fine”, “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Pocket Dot Bikini”, “Sealed with a Kiss”, “Let’s Dance”, and so many more. Each individual song is unforgettable and a whole lot of fun. Combine all of them into a single evening, and it’s easy to see why these artists still command tremendous respect from critics and concert-goers alike. It is also easy to see why these songs and others did so much to popularize what was a new form of music in those days. This is a beautiful, living history of music.

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