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Paul Rodgers

Paul Rodgers

Known as “The Voice”, a nickname given by his devoted fans, Paul Rodgers has been in the music scene since the late 1960’s when he was a singer/songwriter for the band Free. This group helped to elevate Paul Rodgers as a voice of rock, although the band wouldn’t last for long. After the band broke up, Paul Rodgers landed with the band Bad Company.

Touring for more then a decade, Bad Company was known for its unique sound. Popular singles included “Feel Like Makin’ Love,” and “Can’t Get Enough.” In the 1980’s, Bad Company broke up, and Paul Rodgers continued with a solo career, increasing his popularity in the industry and to rock lovers as a voice that is unmistakable.

A Musical Inspiration

An icon to aspiring singers and songwriters, Paul Rodgers has been referenced as inspiration by some truly memorable people in the industry. Freddie Mercury of Queen loved Paul Rodgers’ aggressive style, John Mellencamp called Paul Rodgers the “best rock singer ever,” and countless others have listed him as the inspiration for why they went into music. In 2011, the British Academy recognized these contributions and awarded Paul Rodgers with the Ivor Novello Award for Outstanding Contributions to Music. In addition, Paul Rodgers frequently makes lists of the top singers and performers of all time, with a ranking of 55 on the last Rolling Stones Magazine Rating of the “100 Greatest Singers of All Time.”

Having been in the industry for more then half a century, Paul Rodgers knows not only what makes rock and roll distinct, but he also has the experiences to bring to life the history of this amazing musical form. As such, every performance is in itself a trip back through the history of Rock and Roll.

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