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Robert Davi Sings Sinatra

Robert Davi Sings Sinatra

Frank Sinatra may be a musical legend, but Robert Davi is vocalist that has achieved success in his own right and known as a musical genius. There was a time when Frank Sinatra’s voice was the soundtrack to many, but Robert Davi is taking audiences back to this place in time with his On the Road to Romance tour. All of the classic Sinatra hits from the past are brought to life through the musical styling’s of Robert Davi.

Robert Davi Sings Sinatra takes place October 21-23 inside the Avalon Theatre Ballroom inside the Fallsview Casino.

Different Aspects of Love

All of the songs that make up On the Road to Romance are designed to depict and evoke the different aspects of love— not only the pure joy that comes from falling in love, but the genuine heartbreak that is experienced when that love goes bad. The album On the Road to romance is filled with beautiful and emotional songs, but the tour is so much more powerful

Live in Concert

If you are a fan of Sinatra or are a fan of Davi’s On the Road to Romance album, this is one concert that you can’t miss out on. The ability to see this classic songs of love performed live on stage by the musical talent of Robert Davi is something that audiences are clamoring to see.

Sinatra Inspiration

Davi was just an aspiring opera baritone when Sinatra first cast him in a film. He starred alongside Fran Sinatra and began his movie career. His film career is what he pursued for many decades, but in 2010 Davi decided to go back to his musical roots. Even though he is in his mid fifties, Robert Davi started to release Sinatra inspired collections of hits. He has picked some of the most famous Sinatra classics and given them his own unique flair.

A Talent in His Own Right

Make no mistake, Robert Davi is not mimicking or copying Sinatra in any way. You get to hear the classic love ballads of Sinatra crooned by the talented Robert Davi with a modern band backing him up. You can't see Frank Sinatra perform live on stage any longer, but his biggest hits still live on thanks to the vocals of Robert Davi. His On the Road to Romance tour is the closest one can get to the great Frank Sinatra.

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