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The Scintas

The Scintas

The Scinta’s are a musical comedy group that is led by Frankie Scinta and his brother Joe Scinta. The other members include Peter O’Donnell who is like a brother to the Scintas, as well as the only female member of the group-- Janien Valentine.

Show Refined over 15+ Years

The group initially comprised of three Scintas and Peter O’Donnell who has worked with the group since it was formed. When the group started in Buffalo, New York they were known as The Scinta brothers and Chrissie. They spread their wings to Las Vegas in 2000 where they entertain on a regular basis. They however had to recruit Janien Valentine as their newest member after Chrissi Scinta developed throat hemorrhaging in 2013.
Their road to fame has been as a result of the following traits;

Vegas Style Show

The Scinta’s have made a name for themselves in Las Vegas as a result of their energetic audience thrilling performances. Their combination of music and comedy ensures that their fans are on their seat edges. They are perfect at impersonating various musicians to the amazement of their adoring fans. As a result they always manage to attract a large following wherever they go. They have a special way of spotlighting various artists such as the late Whitney Houston, Bruno Mars and the late Michael Jackson through their performances.

See The Scinta’s perform live at the Fallsview Casino, from August 2nd – 6th 2016. They will be performing afternoon and evening shows throughout their short residency. For more information about the show and TripAdvisor’s #1 rated Fallsview Hotel, view our: Niagara Falls Hotel Packages


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