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Singer of the unforgettable Kiss from a Rose, Seal has entertained people around the world with his distinctive voice and soulful performances. Born on 19th February 1963, Seal has had an illustrious music career especially in soul music. He has sold millions of albums around the world and won several accolades including Grammy Awards.

Seal's Niagara Falls Concert

History of Seal the Musician

Born to a Nigerian mother and a Brazilian father in London, Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel, popularly known as Seal had a troubled childhood that included health issues. As a child he struggled with lupus an auto-immune disease that left him with facial scars. He battled all kinds of adversity at home, did a few odd jobs, and sang at local bars and clubs. Later, Seal joined a British funk band and after that, he became part of a Thai blues band. All these experiences led him to the success and stardom that he was to enjoy later on. Things fell into place when he met the producer Adamski who gave him the song Killer in 1990. Seal’s vocals were immediately noticed and later, the song went to become number one on the UK charts.

Seal's Rise up the Charts

His self-titled 1991 album Seal that included the songs Crazy, Future Love Paradise and Killer became hugely popular especially Crazy that received worldwide recognition. In 1994, he came out with another self-titled album that propelled him into the big league. It included the songs Prayer for the Dying, Newborn Friend, and Kiss from a Rose. The album was successful and received a nomination for Album of the Year although Kiss from a Rose was only a modest success. It was only when the song was used in the soundtrack of the 1995 movie Batman Forever that it became a massive hit. The song won a Grammy Award for Record of the Year and Grammy Award for Song of the Year in 1996. Seal’s popularity and fame shot up as a result of this song and he garnered huge international recognition. After a temporary low, he bounced back with another self-titled album in 2003. Waiting for You, Get it Together, and Love's Divine were some of the songs on this album with the latter track proving to be hugely popular. He released albums in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2015 and each reinforced the quality of his amazing vocals.

Seal at Fallsview Casino

Seal continues to make soulful music and entertain audiences. His live performances always attract packed houses and his vocals still have the ability to mesmerise people around the world. And he will be coming to the Fallsview Casino for two memorable evenings, September 1st & 2nd, 2016.

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