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Smokey Robinson

Smokey Robinson

Ask anyone who sees their favourite musicians in concert, and they will agree that it is an amazing experience not worth passing up. So, when it comes to Smokey Robinson who is widely considered the greatest living American songwriter, how can you deny yourself the opportunity to see this Motown giant in the flesh? From a number of incredible hits to some amazing influences, Smokey Robinson is truly one of a kind.

The Legend of Smokey Robinson

Born on February 19th, 1940 in Detroit Michigan, Smokey Robinson was the child of hard working parents. In no time at all, he would begin defining himself as one of the best African American singers, songwriters, and producers of all time. At a young age, Smokey Robinson was influenced by some of the greats, including B.B. King, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Sarah Vaughan, and Billy Eckstine. Despite the death of his mother when he was 10, Buddy Waters worked towards those towering giants that had inspired him, making into his career what he loved to do.

The Miracles and A Career in Motown

After deciding that music was his passion, Smokey Robinson worked as hard as he could to get into the profession. This lead him to being part of the group called the Miracles, which led to several hits including “Shop Around,” “You’ve Really Got To Hold Me,” “Mickey’s Mickey,” “I Second that Emotion,” and the “Tracks of My Tears.” Sporting a soulful sound and skilled instrumentals, it is easy to see how these songs quickly became hits.

The Solo Career of Smokey Robinson

In 1973, after a year of retirement, Smokey Robinson released an album called Smokey. This was followed by another album, and then another. What compelled Smokey Robinson during this time was the passion that had infused his original love of music, leading Smokey to experiment with sounds in ways few people had done earlier. This lead to a series of hits over the next few decades, helping Smokey Robinson earn the title as one of the best living musicians of all time.

When it comes to the legend of Smokey Robinson, nothing beats hearing him live. Described as a life changing experience, Smokey Robinson works to turn any sized venue into a personal affair filled with emotion, emphasis, and music. As always, don’t miss this excellent opportunity to see Smokey Robinson live.

See Smokey Robinson live this June at the Seneca Niagara Casino, located in Niagara Falls, USA, just a five minute drive from our hotel. For more information on our hotel visit:

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