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Songwriters Country Edition At Fallsview Casino

Songwriters Country Edition At Fallsview Casino

Few musical genres are as popular as country music.While the genre has evolved throughout the decades, expanding its own definition of itself to include a diverse range of musical possibilities, one of the most essential components of the genre remains largely the same: The songwriting has to hit people in a profoundly personal way. There are a variety of ways in which country music can accomplish this.

All of those ways will be highlighted, when Songwriters: Country Edition comes to Fallsview Casino on March 21st.

Songwriters: Country Edition

Bob DiPiero, Tim Nichols, and David Lee Murphy are three of the greatest songwriters in country music history. Although each individual is an accomplished singer and storyteller in their own right, it is the work they have done as songwriters for other country music superstars that brings them to the Fallsview Casino stage on March 21st. Their work has inspired such country music superstars as Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Blake Shelton, Kenny Chesney, and Alan Jackson. When you consider how valuable the contributions of these three men are to the world of country music, it’s easy to see why Songwriters: Country Edition is going to be such a compelling, singular event. Tickets for something like this are certain to go by extremely quickly.

The songs that make up some of the most significant, popular country hits of the past quarter century will have at least one thing in common: All of them continue in some form or fashion the proud tradition of storytelling within the larger country music genre. The various ways in which this is done by the songs that are likely to be featured at Songwriters: Country Edition makes for a fascinating commentary on the versatility of country. At the same time, the songs that will be performed and discussed by DiPiero, Nichols, and Murphy will offer electrifying music and performance.

Another intriguing component to the evening will be the stories behind the songs. As you’re going to learn very quickly, each song is more than just music and words by some of the leading writers in country music. Each song represents a journey, and each song will have a deeply fascinating story behind it. Combine this with how intensely appealing the songs are, backstory or no backstory, and you’re going to have an occasion that no country music fan should miss.

Opportunities to explore the history of country will not come along like this often!

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