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Spirit of the Dance

Spirit of the Dance

The ‘World’s greatest Irish dance show’ will be gracing the stage at Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls in June 2015. Spirit of the Dance is an internationally acclaimed and recognized show compromised of champion dancers with unique dance skills and broad foot-stomping moves. Their dancing excites, entertains and is an all-out celebration of Irish culture.

Worldwide Success

Spirit of the Dance is an Irish dance show that has graced the stage in more than 20 countries. Over 30 million have seen this show live and been captivated by the dance moves that the champion dancers show off. Not only has it broken box office records for sales, but this famed dance show has also gotten recognition for its one-of-a-kind production. Irish dance moves a part of the show, but other Latino inspired dances and rhythms including Tango, Flamenco and Red-Hot Salsa are also a part of the dance show.

Produced by David King

David King is the producer of the Spirit of the Dance and is the mastermind behind the creativity and awe inspiring dance moves that this show entails. He is often compared in some ways to Andrew Lloyd Webber, which is a huge honor. Spirit of the Dance is not David’s only hit show, but it is one of his favorites.

Inspiration Behind Spirit of the Dance

King has said that Riverdance is part of the inspiration behind the Spirit of the Dance. When he first saw Riverdance he was not really interested in seeing it, but he decided to give this dance show a chance. After viewing Riverdance for himself, he came up with the idea to produce his own unique dance show with Irish influence. The reaction of the audience and the atmosphere that was created in the theater is what inspired David King to produce the Spirit of the Dance. Now Spirit of the Dance is one of the most beloved dance shows in the world and inspires others.

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