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Taylor Dayne

Taylor Dayne

There are a number of singers that achieved worldwide fame and success in the late 1980’s and Taylor Dayne is one of these musicians. She is one of the most popular vocalists from the 80’s and 90’s. She has broken records and sold millions of albums during her music career that has spanned decades. Taylor had instant success with her first album and continued to churn out number one songs for years.

Hit Albums

Her first two albums were the start of her success. The two albums were titled Tell it to My Heart and Can’t Fight Fate. Over these two albums, Taylor had 3 number one hits on the music charts. Her most popular songs on these first two albums were “tell it to my Heart,” “Love Will Lead You Back,” and Prove Your Love to Me.” Many of her songs were not only number one hits on the pop charts, but also earned her numerous Grammy nominations. This means that her music was celebrated commercially, but was also critically acclaimed, which is rare in the industry. Her success achieved an all-time high mark when she toured with Michael Jackson on the European leg of his “Bad” tour. This is when Taylor knew that she was an established vocalist within the industry.

Taylor Dayne the Actress

After her success in the music industry in the late 80’s, Taylor decided to try her hand at an acting career in the 1990’s. Not only did she star in feature films, but she was also a popular stage actress. Love Affair is one her films; in this film she she starred in opposite Warren Beatty. She was also in Elton John’s version of Aida on Broadway. Taylor was careful about the acting roles that she accepted and was able to have a successful career as an actress as result, which is not common for many vocalists that try their hand at acting. She is one of the few that was able to make the crossover.

Break and Return

After a long and successful career in both music and acting, Taylor decided to take some time out of the spotlight to start a family. It was in 2008 when Taylor made her return to music with the release of a new album. She is still a name in music that is recognized all over the world.


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