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Voca People

Voca People

A visual and vocal spectacle, the Voca People blend beatbox and a cappella to produce harmonious music. Their unique presentation of musical sounds is achieved without musical instruments and by using only their voices during their theatre acts. The music and rhythms when performed together sounds like an orchestra.

Voca People in Niagara Falls

Out of the World Symphony

The Voca People are truly imaginative about their origins even though they are based in Israel. They claim to be friendly aliens from a distant planet Voca, located somewhere behind the sun, where music is the way of life. On their visits to Planet Earth, they interact with the inhabitants, learn about their music and incorporate it in their acts. And indeed, when this unique band performs, they adapt to the country they are in, using the musical sounds of the place in their acts.

About the Voca People

Lior Kalfo is the creator, producer and artistic director of this group while the music is created by composer, musical director and arranger Shai Fishman. Several different musical sounds come together during this act to produce a wonderful symphony. Performers use their voices to produce the beats of different instruments and varying sounds. These include the Alta, Mezzo, Bari-Tone, Tenoro and Soprana, Beat on, Scratcher and Tubas. The range of harmonised sounds is spectacular and almost akin to watching an orchestra. What makes it even more appealing is that the ensemble looks visually striking with their all-white outfits and red lips. The group makes it more interesting by interacting with the audience, improvising and singing as they go along.

Voca People Live Performances

The talented group believes that life is music and music is life. With performances around the world, the Voca People are a huge draw with audiences for their musical prowess and entertainment quotient. Their performances exhibit several music genres and also incorporate elements of comedy. They have performed in Israel, Hungary, Spain, New York, England, France and in Italy where they are highly popular. The group has toured several Italian cities and made appearances on Italian TV shows as well.

Let the Music Play

Watch eight artistes of the Voca People perform live at the Fallsview Casino Resort in January 2017. Sit back and enjoy the sound of music!

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