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Wings for Life Run

Wings for Life Run

Yes, the date and venue is set. The only remaining question is are you ready??? Wings for life Run are back to Niagara Falls again for the second consecutive time after an historical showdown in March 2015. Niagara Falls hosted Wings for Life Run for the first time in the last year which turned out to be a great success. So, yes once again among the other 35 venues hosting the running competition Niagara Falls is one among them. For those who missed out last year Wings for Life Run is presenting you another opportunity to run across one of the natural wonders of the world.

Red Bull Niagara Wings for Life Run

For all of you who are new to the Wings for Life Run Initiative, the Wings for life Run program is a running competition held on the first week of May since 2014, with the goal of raising money & awareness for spinal cord research. 100% of the entry fee collected from each contestant will go directly to the foundation to help patients suffering from spinal cord injuries. One of the amazing features of Wings for Life Run imitative is that the race takes across 35 countries at the same time. The race is unique in that there is no set distance.

A car takes off exactly a half hour after the race has begin, driving a set speed. Over the day the car will go faster, overtaking participants, who will be eliminated. This continues until there is one final runner, who will be crowned as the champion.

Niagara Falls Wonder of the World

The inclusion of Niagara Falls in the list of venues was to give the runners in Canada an awestruck and incredible experience so that they can start their world running journey. Niagara Falls being one of the eight wonders of the world is ready to witness history yet another time. The level terrain, the incredible whether and the awestruck beauty of Niagara falls will provide an everlasting adventurous memory for each and every participant .The close vicinity of Niagara falls to Toronto and USA may increase the number of participants to a far more higher number than the last year. So grab your running gear get ready to witness another Wings for Life Run.

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