Border Crossing App

Border Crossing App

Make your trip to Niagara Falls run as smoothly as possible with free border crossing apps for Apple iOS Iphones and Android devices.

CBSA CanBorder Border Crossing App
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CanBorder Border Crossing App Review

Millions of citizens and visitors cross Canadian land borders to and from the United States.

The CanBorder app developed by the Canada Border Services Agency is a free border crossing information app that is of immense assistance while crossing over, and is great for trips into Niagara Falls. The app came out this year and is proving to be a useful tool for travellers while navigating the border.

There are three crossings that enable the traveller to cross the land border between the two countries. If you have your documents in place, you can do this quite easily although wait times at the ports of entry may vary.

While regular days are easier, you can expect a longer wait time while crossing the border during holidays and weekends. The app comes really handy with its various features enabling you to have a smoother journey across the border. Both travellers and commercial visitors can use the app. The CanBorder app gives you detailed information about the estimated wait time required at the entry points in Canada and the US.

CanBorder App Niagara/Buffalo Border Info

CanBorder App Niagara/Buffalo Border Info

Current and forecasted wait times enable you to calculate the approximate time required for crossing the border. These times are calculated based on historical data, patterns and trends. For example, it might show ‘no delay’ for current wait time or forecasted delay of 12 minutes over the next hour. The times vary at different entry points and are updated regularly to keep you in the loop.

CanBorder App Peace Bridge Crossing Info

Peace Bridge Crossing Info

Benefits of the CanBorder App

  • Planning a trip across the border on the basis of forecasted wait times. It helps you to figure out the best day, time and port of entry.
  • Checking current border wait time that helps you to be completely aware of the time needed
  • The trip planner that gives step-by-step directions to the border
  • The ‘Near Me’ service that enables you to check out your nearest ports of entry. You can save the information in the ‘Favorites’ section of the app for easy access during future trips. It also gives information about nearby bridges that are experiencing congestion.
  • Updates to the app that help fix any errors, provide new information and improve overall performance

All you need to do to have a great border crossing the next time around is to install the app. It can be downloaded for free from Google Play, App Store (links found at start of article). The app is easy to use and the features help you to comfortably navigate the crossing. Have a great trip!

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