Charity Challenge in Niagara Falls

Charity Challenge in Niagara Falls

Charity is an important part of the Marriott culture, and we were surprised when the challenge was issued to members of the Marriott Niagara Falls Sales Team. Kathy McMurray and her cohorts embraced the idea of giving while showcasing the beauty of Niagara Falls

Charitable Giving and Community Connections

The donations from individual team members, the two hotels, and some of our partners really adds up at the end of the day. ALS Canada does more than research, its primary mission involves assisting those already living with ALS. Between transportation for hospital visits, medication, and other unforeseen expenses related to this disease it takes a lot to help. The Ice Bucket Challenge was a great way to encourage the next wave of donors to get involved.

Celebrating Hotel Amenities

What better place to take the Ice Bucket Challenge that at a full service luxury hotel. Ice Buckets have been a part of the Marriott Niagara Falls since the beginning, typically for cooling wine and adding to drinks. The challenge itself took place on the large outdoor terrace located on the third floor of the Marriott Gateway on the Falls, frequently used for CHCH-TV Morning show and visible via the CHCH-TV Niagara Falls Webcam. Even the fashionable and comfortable House Coats were furnished by the hotel. It was a team effort and it takes a team like ours to put together high quality events in Niagara Falls

Challenging Our Friends and Partners

As much as the Marriott Sales team enjoys giving back to the community this cannot stop here, and the challenges have been issued. We are hoping that at least 15 people and five organizations can chip in to help ALS Canada continue to offer support services to people managing the symptoms of this horrible disease.

  • David Baldin challenged:– Team @ Ravine Vineyards
  • Jeniffer Bissett challenged – Dan Morretta, International Marketing Solutions
  • Kathy McMurray challenged – friend and neighbours at Scotiabank Convention Centre
  • Nichola Royle challenged – Ed Kennedy, Professional Firefighters Association
  • Lisa-Lynn Vas challenged – Thomas Genest, Meeting Encore Group

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