Dufferin Islands of Niagara Falls

Dufferin Islands of Niagara Falls

Want to hop in the river next to Niagara Falls? Your safest bet is at the Dufferin Islands. This wonderful inlet is an escape from ALL of the loud, large, and exciting things happening in Niagara Falls.

Connect Yourself to Nature

The Dufferin Islands Park is a natural beauty that is frequented by guests looking to meditate and decompress after a long flight. Canadian multiculturalism is alive in the part as members of various religious orders and lifestyles come together under a green canopy.

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Have a Picnic Date

Having a picnic anywhere else in the Niagara Falls area can be busy and crowded with people constantly entering your personal space. Claim some personal space along the creek or in the hillside area to enjoy some fresh Niagara fruits and wine.

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Get Creative - Paint and Poetry in the Park

The ultimate leisure activity along the Niagara parkway can be found in the pursuit of arts. Painters frequent Niagara Falls to capture the moment and enjoy the natural beauty that they perceive as artists. When poets and guitar poets chill out in the Dufferin Islands park it can be very entertaining. Remember that the Niagara Parkway and Dufferin Islands are non-commercial space, don't get caught trying to sell art or asking for money while playing guitar or the Niagara Parks police will write a ticket.

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