Niagara Falls Earth Hour 2012

Niagara Falls Earth Hour 2012

Starting on March 31st at 8:30pm is Earth Hour and Niagara Falls Marriott will be participating in the awareness building event. While each major business is contributing in its own way we are happy to reaffirm our environmental commitments. This includes the use of waste diversion techniques and other techniques that are seamlessly integrated into how we operate every day.

Earth Hour and Earth Day in Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls Hotel Marriott Fallsview and Serenity Spa by the Falls will be recognizing the importance of protecting our natural treasures. The environment will be highlighted in Niagara Falls throughout the month of April 2012. Other events are being planned at local venues for Earth Day on April 22nd 2012. By then the weather will be just perfect for your Niagara Falls vacation.

Waste Diversion and Green Key
Check out the Green Key rating for your Niagara Falls Hotel. This includes the use of environmentally friendly disposal techniques and other enhancements. See how well the Niagara Falls Hotels stack up against each other here.

Human Environment
We pride ourselves for the attention to event the smallest details. Your family is safe at the Niagara Falls Marriott with our no smoking policies across the entire hotel.

From the little things to the big deals there are plenty of reasons for us to celebrate Earth Day and commemorate Earth Hour, and those are the same reasons that you should stay in Niagara Falls at the Marriott Hotel Fallsview and Spa.