Top Niagara Falls Escape Rooms

Top Niagara Falls Escape Rooms in

Imagine that you are locked in a room and time is running out. How will you escape? It’s this concept that has been taken and transformed into popular escape room games. Niagara Falls has its fair share of escape rooms where players can play the puzzle-based games and have an exciting time. Check out these Top Niagara Falls Escape Rooms.

The Crux

Players have to solve the puzzles in the theme-based rooms at The Crux Escape Rooms and Gaming Lounge on Victoria Avenue in Niagara Falls. Dead Air is based on a zombie theme for ages 10 and above. 2 to 6 players can participate in this game that has a 50-minute duration. Not everyone can do it as the player success rate for escaping is only 34.5%. So if you love a challenge, this game is for you. Based on a Christmas theme with codes, The Night Before Cruxmas is the other escape room at the Crux.

The Crux also has a Board Game Library. Popular games such as:

  • Monopoly
  • Catan
  • Ticket to Ride
  • Agricola
  • Power Grid
  • Cards Against Humanity

and more are available here.

Niagara Falls Escape Room The Crux

Adventure Rooms Canada

Adventure Rooms Canada has two fabulous Real Life Room Escape Games. It is located at Queen Street, Niagara Falls. The Missing Finger and The Collector offer players a chance to solve interesting puzzles using clues, codes, keys and props to escape the room. Teams of 2 to 21 players can participate in the games that range between 60 minutes to 2.5 hours. Those aged 10 and above can play the games. There are three categories depending on the number of players–Standard Games, Duels and Tournaments. With a 20% to 25% escape rate, the rooms will require you to think out of the box.

Qube Escape Rooms

The Qube Escape Rooms located at Queen Street offer three fantastic puzzle-based escape room experiences, and is considered a top Niagara Falls Escape Room. Grandpa's Study (2 to 6 players), Homeroom (3 to 8 players) and Synergy (3 to 8 players) are the three theme-based rooms here. Synergy is not recommended for beginners. Solve puzzles by using the objects in the room and make your escape during the one-hour duration. The Qube also has Rage Rooms & Smash Rooms where you can vent your anger and frustration or just have a crazy time by throwing or smashing objects. It’s a great outlet for stress, try it!

Captive Escape Rooms

With two exciting games, Captive Escape Rooms is a great place for lovers of escape rooms. Located in Lundy’s Lane, Niagara Falls, the rooms have two fascinating themes. Dracula’s Library with its vampire theme takes you to New Orleans in 1862. There are lots of thrills in store while you try your best to solve the puzzles and escape the room in 45 minutes.

The second room at Captive Escape Rooms is also as interesting. Players turn thieves in the exciting one hour game called the Cabinet of Curiosities. It’s a great team-building experience as choices made by the members will ultimately lead to the outcome of the game.

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