Friends of Fort George - Ghost Tours

Niagara Falls has been known for its haunted houses combine that with spooky and gloomy being in fashion each Fall and it is clear to see why the Friends of Fort George put on their immensely successful Fort George Ghost Tours.

Less Curse of the Djinn - More Bloody Reality and Silent Fear

Niagara is a hotspot for military activity during both the American Revolutionary War (1776) and the War of 1812. Ghost Tours at Fort George often focus on true stories to drive home the unsettling possibility that some of the earliest settlers have returned with their agony.

There Will Be Blood - There Will Be Explosions

Cannons, Muskets, Bayonet, Shackles, and every other instrument of death is on display at Fort George. From menacingly sharp knives to rusty livestock hooks daily life in Fort George was expected to be a bloodbath both during and after the wars. Still not afraid? Learn more about the guerrilla warfare tactics used by Butler's Rangers (of Butler's Barracks Fame) to keep the peace in the Niagara Region.

The After-Party of a Ghost Tour

The Friends of Fort George aren't all bad, remember to ask about safe local events to wind down at after the tour. Ask more - there is always another story about the hidden history of Niagara.

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