Gardens and Butterflies in Niagara

Gardens and Butterflies in Niagara

Looking for a family outing in Niagara Falls? Try the Botanical Gardens or Butterfly Conservatory. Open year round, these destinations are a great way to please everyone in your group.

Educational and Entertaining

Remember getting your first PC or smartphone? Convincing others that they are for productivity or education is a great cover for the fun that you were really going to have. The Butterfly Conservatory and other nature oriented attractions have the same type of benefit, learn something new then see something cool.

Instagram and Photographers

Having trouble getting the rest of the group out? The Niagara Parks Commission loves social media and you can turn the usual trip into an Instagram vacation or competition. Who has the best picture? Who captured the most butterflies by camera? It can be very amusing and a great way to connect IRL. Just remember to bring something to keep your gear safe in the misty rainforest setting.

Sons and Daughters Event

Bring on the boys! One of the problems that the Butterfly conservatory has always experienced is the perceived femininity of butterflies. To remedy this they have brought in moneys, snakes, and tropical birds (just not at the same time). Our stance? Bring on the boys - typically the huge butterflies have wingspans wider than a human head which is pretty awesome. Butterflies are among natures ninja species - stealthy and quiet. Have you ever seen Godzilla vs. Mothra? It may be time to take another look at the Butterfly Conservatory.