Global Peace from Niagara Falls

Global Peace from Niagara Falls

Early September 2013 there will be a huge conference including leaders from the political, military, religious, and business communities in Niagara Falls. This is an excellent choice since Niagara Falls is an origin of global peace through technological innovation and environmental conservation.

Nikola Tesla's Niagara Falls

Nikola Tesla was a man of peace that developed the standards for electricity production and Transmission that are still used in part today. His legacy of peace allows families and governments to communicate from across the room or around the world without having to say a word.

King Gillette's Niagara Falls

King Gillette is best known for the original cutting edge technology, although he is often noted for being the first to call for an eco-friendly place for all humanity to live. His vision was named "Metropolis" and encompassed roughly 100 kilometers on each side of the Niagara River. His enthusiasm for the region directed a great deal of development and industry to the US side of Niagara Falls. His legacy of peace comes from having the audacity to say that we could all live together in one massive city, the City of Niagara - a global metropolis.

Laura Secord's Niagara Falls

Laura Secord wasn't a business person, or politician, or warrior. Laura Secord is best known for her effort to alert the British commanders of an impending attack on Beaver Dams (currently a historical site in the Thorold section of St. Catharines). As a civilian her deeds are considered to be heroic and represent the first recorded time that espionage saved Canadian lives. Her legacy to peace is that the defeat at Beaver Dams marked the beginning of the end for American aggression toward British Canada.

If you have a chance to see Romeo Dallaire's Niagara Falls from September 9th to 13th 2013 then do so.