Warm Reasons to Enjoy the Winter Season

Winter can be one of the best times of the year if you know how to deal with it. While looking forward to your next spring break vacation you can enjoy some easy winter tips.

Hot Chocolate
Marshmallows, whipped cream and candy cane shavings can make the simple luxury of hot chocolate into an absolute delight. Many of these extras are available at any Niagara Falls cafe worth visiting, this includes the Starbucks at the Fallsview Hotel or Gateway Hotel Starbucks.

Get the best of both world with a Mocha, this beverage for those that aren’t familiar is half chocolate and half coffee prepared hot. Have a relaxing day without falling asleep.

Instant romance can be found in three easy steps. Add a fireplace, blanket and sofa to your night in and the rest is up to you. Conversation or silent awe are acceptable when your snuggle zone is overlooking Niagara Falls.

Your fireplace view can become your fireworks view when the light show starts at 9:00pm on Friday nights until the end of January. The fireworks continue in the summer months at different intervals. Watch them at least once in the Winter to enjoy the twilight sparkle in both the sky and on the snow.

Spicy Food
While spicy food may not be what everyone thinks of when the snow starts falling it is relevant. When winter arrives it is the right time to experience how different cultures preserved food for the winter. Niagara Falls is a city with a diverse cultural background and you can find the spicy cuisine from around the world.

Alternatively you can find the classics all across the fallsview area. Some of the most successful international franchises have offerings in Niagara Falls. Enjoy a steak and dessert at Milestones Niagara Falls situated at the end of the Fallsview Boulevard area. Finish your self directed walking tour there and enjoy some comfort food.

With all hope these warm feelings will stick with you, its easy to see how good Winter can be when you come prepared.