Just Announced: New Niagara 150 Events

Just Announced: New Niagara 150 Events

Canada is celebrating its 150th Anniversary of the Confederation in 2017 and several events and programs are taking place throughout the country on this special occasion. Niagara too is celebrating the country’s 150th birthday with its very own Niagara 150 events.

Some events already announced include the Commemoration of the 225th anniversary of the first parliament of Upper Canada, Canadian Forces Snowbirds air demonstration at Niagara Airport, Canada Day in the Falls, construction of a First Nations’ Monument and other programs.

Recently, some more innovative projects were announced by the Niagara Parks Commission (NPC) with a financial backing of $563,000 from the province’s Ontario150 Funding Program. The new projects with the theme ‘Rooted’ coincides with NPC’s anniversary campaign which aims to focus on Niagara Parks’ importance as a natural, cultural and heritage gateway.

Niagara 150’s five new ‘Rooted’ projects are:

Rooted in Legacy

The 56 kilometre route along the Niagara Parkway will see the creation of 10 interpretive pollinator gardens. Through these gardens, the focus will be on the importance of bees, butterflies and birds. Food production, the consequences of pesticide use, climate change, migration patterns and species at risk are some of the topics that will be explained here through signboards.

Rooted in Nature

Ontario has several native plant and animal species and this project aims to create awareness about them. Besides this, the Niagara Glen Nature Reserve which is home to several species of flora and fauna will also undergo revitalization as part of this initiative.

Rooted in Life

A new outdoor art installation at the Niagara Parks Floral Showhouse is the focus of this project. It showcases life in Ontario over a period of the last 150 years and utilises vintage pieces from Durham’s former Cullen Miniature Village collection.

Rooted in the Gardens

Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens and Horticulture School is one of the highlights of the Niagara region and a tourist attraction. A cultural and culinary program will be conducted at this site to shine the spotlight on the artistic and culinary talent of the region.

Rooted in Design

This project involves the design of two high-traffic flowerbeds in Queen Victoria Park and Queenston Heights Park as well as the face of the Floral Clock through an amateur and professional art competition. The winning entries will feature in the plantings and displays all through summer and other submissions will be highlighted by means of a unique installation. One more special event will be the unveiling of a commissioned piece of art.

Besides this, Vesey’s Seeds of Prince Edward Island had presented 1,000 red and white tulip bulbs each to 150 communities throughout the country as part of the celebrations. In October last year, Niagara Parks Commission received extra bulbs which can be currently seen in full bloom along the Niagara Parkway.