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Clifton Hill Haunted House

Clifton Hill Haunted House

Clifton Hill has a history as the attractions hotspot in Niagara Falls. Did you know it is also cursed with evil spirits?

Clifton Hill Scares Marriott Guests

It is a good bet that if you visit one of the haunted houses on Clifton Hill you will get a good scare. Zombies, Frankenstein, Djinn, and numerous other scary creatures lurk within. Dress appropriately though - because many of the Niagara Falls Haunted House attractions are full contact fear factories.

Autumn Attractions in Niagara Falls

Haunted Houses are some of the best attractions to visit in the fall. They are protected from the elements and do not require a long drive out to wine country. They are a short ride away on either the Hotel Shuttle or the WEGO Blue Line between Fallsview Boulevard and Clifton Hill.

Winter Action in Niagara Falls 2012

Winter Action in Niagara Falls 2012
Red Bull Crashed Ice in Niagara Falls 2012

Watch the mist turn into beautiful ice formations. Enjoy a warm meal and a glass of ice wine. Get in front of the fireplace and reminisce. Party all night long at the Casino. See a live performance at the local theatre.

All of these great things happen throughout the winter in Niagara Falls. Entertainment is just a short drive away from three major cities and four airports.

Red Bull Crashed Ice

Expected to be one of the coolest events in Niagara Falls, Red Bull Crashed Ice comes this winter. It combines the best of hockey transformed into a high speed race and brawl. The sweet spot between motorcross, roller derby, speed skating, and hockey will be in Niagara Falls on November 29th, 2012.

Winter Festival of Lights in Niagara Falls

Traditionally the Winter Festival of Lights ends before the mountains of snow arrive in January, and a light dusting is all you need to enjoy the warm glow on a cool night. The light show has transformed over the last couple of years to include more displays, fully wrapped trees, a skating rink, and a growing list of smaller improvements. It isn't easy to take a perfect festival and make it better, everyone at the hotel is looking forward to seeing the new displays near Niagara Falls.

After the Romantic Autumn Defoliation

While I'll admit that the word 'defoliation' isn't very romantic, watching the leaves changing colour and falling in Niagara Falls is amazing. The scent of turkey on Canadian Thanksgiving (Mid-October), fashionable sweaters, and plenty of great wines will be waiting for you on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.

Keep track of these events and more through our local Niagara Falls Events Calendar.