Local Farmers Markets

Local Farmers Markets near Niagara

With fresh produce including vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy products and more, the Niagara region is a great place for those looking for healthy local food. If you want to buy food fresh off a farm, the farmers’ markets in this region will provide plenty of options. The area is home to several farms that grow different kinds of seasonal fruits and vegetables–a lot of it is organic which means that there are no pesticides or other pollutants in the produce. Here are three farmers’ markets that can give you a taste of Niagara’s natural bounty.

Niagara Falls Farmers’ Market

Niagara Falls Farmers Market Logo

The market here has been offering fresh produce for more than 50 years and is located behind the Niagara Falls History Museum at 5943 Sylvia Place. Saturday mornings here are abuzz with customers who come to buy supplies for their homes. Open around the year on Saturdays, you can drop in at one of the 4 indoor stalls or check out the outdoor area where there are around 15 vendors each with different types of seasonal produce. Fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, honey and other products grown on the farms are available easily. This market enables farmers to deliver their produce directly to the customer and the customer in turn is assured of fresh, organic produce. It also has food demonstrations that can be enjoyed by all who visit the place. Expansion plans are underway at the market and it may see many more vendors in the future.

Welland Farmers’ Market

Welland Farmers Market Logo

Welland holds the distinction of being one of the largest farmers’ markets in the Niagara region. Operational since 1907, this market supports the ‘Buy Local’ philosophy to enable a sustainable agricultural community and to communicate the importance of eating healthy food. The farmers’ market here has always drawn locals and tourists with a wide range of food choices from:

  • fruits and vegetables
  • cheeses
  • meats
  • baked goods

Some other goodies available here include chocolate croissants, handmade sausages and aged cheddar cheese. You can also stop by the market restaurant that offers bacon and egg breakfasts on the patio. Located at 50 Market Square, the Welland Farmers’ Market is open on all Saturday mornings around the year.

St Catharines Farmers’ Market

St. Catharines Farmers Market Logo

One of the most interesting farmers’ markets with a diverse range of farm produce and other activities, St Catharines has always attracted plenty of visitors. With a history dating back to the 1860s, this market offers a lot of things besides the fresh fruits and vegetables. Some of the gastronomic treats here include chicken, beef, seafood, spices, jams, baked goods, honey and fresh bread. Other than organic produce, vegan and gluten-free food is also available. Don’t forget to buy the VQA wines and other specialty products. This farmers’ market also has flowers and plants on sale along with some wonderful products from the local artisans and craftsmen. Located at Market Square, 91 King Street, this market is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from morning till 2 in the afternoon.

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