MacKenzie Printing Museum

MacKenzie Printing Museum

Looking for a reason to rent a convertible and spend some time closer to nature? Beautiful summer days were meant to be enjoyed. The Niagara escarpment is home to a number of amazing views, and amazing places to stop and learn. The MacKenzie Printing Museum is among the finest historical sites in Niagara. Originally home to William Lyon MacKenzie the facility is in beautiful condition due to the efforts of its volunteers and staff.

Post-War Historical Site to Modern Museum

This facility has been in operation for nearly two-hundred years with the same evolving purpose - to educate the people of Canada. Currently the facility attracts donations of printing artifacts spanning the history of print. The true highlight for modern designers is the custom font sets made for printing equipment. Font weight is measured in force PSI and ink rather than pixels on LCDs.

The Colonial Advocate

The Colonial Advocate was one of Niagara's first newspapers, known for being an outlet for the outspoken master MacKenzie. William Lyon MacKenzie was a game-changer in the post-war period in the nineteeth century. Responsible for developing elements of the Canadian identity and political practices through his publication The Colonial Advocate. His sharp wit and solid social connections made him a ninteenth century Kanye West, unafraid to present his opinion.

The First President of Canada

Did you know that William Lyon MacKenzie was the first President of the Republic of Canada? Find out more about the successes and failures of the Republic of Canada by getting out of your convertible and visiting the MacKenzie Printing Museum during your travels along the Niagara Escarpment.


MacKenzie Printing Museum
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