Marriott Fallsview Green Initiatives

Marriott Fallsview Towel Reuse Program

Marriott International is very aware of the environmental impact of its business operations. Goals are set to reduce energy use, water consumption, waste and carbon. Marriott is very committed to educating and inspiring its associates and its guests to help conserve and preserve.

Marriott Fallsview Green Initiatives

Here at the Marriott Fallsview Hotel we have several strategies in place to keep in line with Marriott International’s philosophy. We are constantly looking for ways to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. Our hotel is next to one of the greatest wonders of the world, not to mention all of the beautiful parks and outdoor conservation areas that surround us. That means we are extra committed to making sure we preserve our environment. An example of this can be seen at The Terrapin Grille Fallsview Restaurant (located in the hotel). The Terrapin Grille abides by a strict organics and recycling program while also using certified renewable resource energy suppliers.

When staying with us there are ways you can help too!
• Hang up towels for future us. Your contribution to this program helps to conserve water and detergent use.
• Use recycle bins. Discard recyclable material in the proper bins to help reduce landfill waste.

By choosing less polluting methods of travel you can also have a large impact on your trip's overall carbon footprint.
• Trains emit much less carbon dioxide than airplanes.
• While visiting Niagara Falls you can bike or walk around rather than driving.

Not only can you help preserve our planet when travelling, there are also everyday practices you can incorporate into your daily routines.
• Get in the habit of turning off lights and powering down small machines, like your computer when not in use.
• Avoid the use of toxic substances
• Recycle and/or reuse materials
• Buy and use green products

Environment Canada offers some great tips on minimizing the creation of pollutants and waste that you can start using at home.

Together we really can make a difference!